The perfect technology for your crane rails in need

With our program controlled crane rail grind machine we eliminate the ridge of the crane rail on the spot. The grindmachine will be placed on the rails directly; the progress of the machine is program controlled.

Meanwhile the crane can be used in production outside the present working area.

Causes for repair:

Due to daily use on the horizontal rail profiles growing ridges are the reason for rapid destruction of travel wheels and, at the end disturb the motion of the crane. The reuslt: High costs for repair and new parts of the wheel system as well as break down times.

Preventive crane rail rapair:

To avoid such trouble we recommend regular technical checks of the crane rails in order to recognize a necessary repair in time and carry out it planned and efficiently.

Your advantages:

  • planned and lower costs
  • Excellent relationship between price and performance
  • Fixed price
  • Time limit guarantee
  • Lower csts for repairs and spare parts